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Liberty CoverAdventure is for the taking in the new historical drama by Sonja Heisinger.

New York City, 1849. After her father is murdered, eighteen-year-old heiress Evelyn Brennan cannot imagine her life getting any worse… until she is forced into an arranged marriage with the man she despises most, the reckless gambler Lucius Flynn. Hungry for wealth and freedom, Lucius will drag his new wife along the quickest but deadliest road to the gold fields of California, and she will make him suffer every step of the way.

A gripping adventure from beginning to end, Liberty Hill is the story of a time and place where all fortunes, dreams, and innocence may be lost; where lust demands blood, and love inspires sacrifice.

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Sonja Heisinger is the author of the novel Liberty Hill and is an accomplished artist and musician. A California native, she and her husband Andrew have lived and traveled all over the world.